Open the Physical Monetization Channel

by adding connected Trading Cards or Figurines to your game.

Just Play

Each toy is unique and is not attached to a user account. Play with it in different devices and games without having to login.

Toy Data Storage

Store data used by games into the toy: character evolution, inventory, skills... It will be available during the whole life of the toy.

Toys Usage Analytics

Get reports about the usage of toys in games. Learn about most popular toys; when and where they are activated.

Choose the solution that fits best your game's needs

Different toy types, storage formats and usage modes

Trading Cards Trading Cards

Cost effective solution ideal for mobile games, player can take the cards with him and play on the go.

Figurines Figurines

Plastic or high quality 3D printed figurines, ideal for Skylanders style games where the toy has a key role.

Papercrafts Papercrafts

Print at home, cut, fold and play. The easiest way to integrate connected objects in your game.

QR Codes QR Codes

Cost effective and multiplatform solution, supported by iOS and Android devices. Ideal to be printed on trading cards or papercrafts.

NFC Tags NFC Tags

Get the tap and play experience. Ideal to be used with trading cards or figurines in NFC-enabled devices or with a custom NFC portal.

Redemption Redemption

One use items. Ideal to implement promotional codes, or to represent consumable items like gold or gems in your game.

Static Objects Static Objects

Multiple use items. Ideal to unlock characters or items in your game but without saving dynamic data into the physical object.

Evolution Objects with Evolution

Implement characters or items with evolution, like a hero where you save its progress or invertory into the physical object.

See It in Action

Dowload the Glorten's papercraft and enjoy the dungeon

1 Get the Glorten's Dungeon App

2 Generate your Glorten's Papercraft

3 Scan to Play

Scan the QR code in your Glorten's papercraft to play. Your character items and experience will be stored in your unique papercraft.

Do you need help to defeat the Big Boss? Unlock the Special Attacks

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